One Bright Bird: Your trusted advisor in building enduring fundraising partnerships for social change.

One Bright Bird Consulting is here to coach and advise progressive nonprofits in building smart and sustainable fundraising partnerships of all sorts - from open and honest relationships with foundations to creative collaborations with corporations, social venture groups, and giving circles.

To help you and your nonprofit organization grow, and grow smart, One Bright Bird Consulting offers a variety of services:

  • Establishing partnerships — advice on your efforts to manage coalitions with funders and your nonprofit partners, fiscally sponsored projects, and social venture collaborations, among other fundraising relationships
  • Planning and problem solving — help in conceiving forward-thinking fundraising plans, in developing sophisticated campaigns and programs, and in thinking through next steps with prospective and existing donors
  • Coaching, training, and professional development — one-on-one work with your fundraising and program staff to build skills in cultivating and maintaining fundraising partnerships
  • Singing praises — review, editing, and composition of fundraising materials (including grant proposals, reports, newsletters, and appeals) to tell a clear, compelling story about your organization and its work
  • Systems and processes — advice in developing tools and systems for effective fundraising, with an emphasis on managing interactions with your institutional donors and to keep ahead of deadlines
  • Interim leadership — supervision for an established team at a time of transition and guidance to help you find the right person to take up the reins
For more information, contact Anne M. McCaw, principal consultant, a savvy fundraiser with more than 12 years experience in helping nonprofit organizations of various shapes and sizes grow
and thrive.
One Bright Bird: Anne M. McCaw